1 Sep 2019

TEDx Otemachi

SE4 is proud to be a partner of TEDx Otemachi’s LEARNING THAT MATTERS event, September 15th at 3×3 LAB FUTURE Otemachi, Tokyo.

TEDxOtemachi will give people who care about learning an opportunity to spark discussion on the future of education and share those ideas with the global community.

TEDxOtemachi features learners, educators, innovators from across disciplines who will speak on a variety of issues regarding Education – one of the most important, powerful systems of organized human life.

We will explore ideas, ranging from personal strategies for a lifelong pursuit of knowledge to curriculum and pedagogical innovation, from latest trends in Ed-tech to the next generations of learning space design, from Education for Sustainability to the question of envisioning graduates of the future. Faced with unforeseeable changes that the future brings, opportunities and crisis alike, it’s high time we ask: What are we teaching?

We hope to see you there.

For a list of speakers please see the TEDx Otemachi page.

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