News / 22 May 2019

SE4 presents at Stanford

SE4 was invited to give a presentation at the Artificial Intelligence (AI), Intelligence Augmentation (IA), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI): Frontier Research and Policies for Navigating the Future Together

The conference was held at the Bechtel Conference Center, Stanford University.

Summary (Taken from the event’s materials):

“The diffusion and deployment of technology is not simply shaped by the technology itself. Complementary technologies are often required to derive value from the technology, and other factors such as business models for which the technology solves significant ‘pain points.’ Business organizations that can harness the set of technologies, along with societal factors such as regulations, employment regimes, demographics, social norms, and political dynamics can critically affect how technologies diffuse. The technologies surrounding this conference are focused on human-machine interfaces, which utilize AI and also enable Intelligence Augmentation (IA), the ‘up-skilling’ of people. How do humans concretely interact with ever-powerful computing tools to break apart previous conceptions of what was possible?”

CEO Lochalinn Wilson (pictured below) delivered a talk at Stanford related to SE4’s work in developing state-of-the-art human-machine interfaces.

Other presentations included:

  • Komatsu: Collaborations in AR, VR, and haptics to commercialize remotely operated construction equipment
  • Lim Innovations: Andrew Pedke, MD, UC Davis
  • Christoph Leuze: Research Scientist, Stanford Radiological Sciences Lab

This conference is publishing a report towards the end of Q3 — we will update this update to point those interested in the right direction.

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