15 Dec 2019

SE4 Makes a Big Splash at Spacetide’s 2019 Year-End Conference

After the success of Japan’s first private space business conference, SPACETIDE wrapped up this year with SPACETIDE 2019 YEAR-END conference at Muromachi Mitsui Hall on 11th December 2019. SPACETIDE invited 6 new players from emerging companies in the space industry to discuss their progress during 2019 and their aspirations for 2020 with participants.

SE4, represented by CEO, Lochlainn Wilson, was honored to be one of the speakers, as new players in the emerging field of the space industry’s robotics sector of 2019. SE4 lives and breathes all things robotics, and Lochlainn proudly shared a sneak-peek into SE4’s planned projects for 2020. S


SPACETIDE is the first business conference with a focus on the space industry in Japan. The objective of this event is to accelerate the emerging space industry, driving innovation whilst connecting to global and local space companies. In each conference, SPACETIDE carefully chooses speakers who are innovation leaders, in order to build awareness of what’s happening in the space industry.

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