19 May 2020

SE4 Graduates from CDL!

SE4 are proud graduates of the CDL’s Space Stream for 2019/2020!!

SE4 was selected to join the Creative Destruction Lab’s Toronto, Space Accelerator Program through the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto. The program employs an objectives-based mentoring process with the goal of cultivating new entrepreneurs in the Space Industry. The objective of the program is to assist independent business owners and founders to come together and discover actionable tips and tactics that will accelerate growth and success in space-related markets. 

Since our admission into the program in September 2019, our team has been attending sessions in Toronto Canada to demonstrate our technology to some of the industry’s biggest players for their feedback and mentorship. Feedback provided during sessions has been of tremendous help to the way we are shaping our strategy going forward.


Here’s a quick recap on some of what we got up to:

  • During the 1st session, we showcased our  Semantic Control technology by asynchronously teleoperating a robot in Tokyo from Toronto (~10,000KM away!) at the #MKT4INTEL

  • We met some former commander of the ISS, and space oddity Chris Hadfield! Along with other superstars of the space industry Anousheh Ansari, and Steve Jurvetson. We felt incredibly grateful for their and other mentors’ feedback and observations about both our technology and business.

  • During CDL’s second session we debuted our VR based user interface, ‘JAK’. JAK is a system that immerses the user in a VR recreation of the real world, generated by the sensors mounted to a remote robot. Using JAK, users can annotate objects and regions, as well as show intended behaviors related to those annotations. Interacting in this recreation we call a World Model. JAK enables previously impossible robot-object interactions regardless of the limitations of time and space. You can find more about JAK here.

It was at this session that we met the legendary Clearpath Robotics and Canadensys Aerospace.


To all of our mentors who have volunteered their time to work with us on bettering ourselves, our technology, and our business, from all of us here at SE4 we thank you. 

To all of the other startups who participated in the program, we look forward to changing the face of the Space industry with you.

Lastly,  we thank the CDL team for their countless and tireless hours of work to facilitate the program over at the  Space Stream (CDL-Toronto). 

They have successfully brought together astronauts, entrepreneurs, investors, and scientists from fields all over the world to truly make this program not only special but deliver real value to the participants, mentors, volunteers, and, ultimately the world.

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