9 Feb 2020

JAK vs Teleoperation

Humanity is leading a new charge out to the stars and the next generation of infrastructure to propel humanity out into space is well under construction. SE4 is about what we do upon arrival, the difficulties of industrializing the vast blackness beyond our Earth cannot be ignored, robots are required and the issue with that is controlling them. ‘JAK’ is a system that enables a user to describe and control the world around them from inside a VR-based simulation. Using JAK, users can annotate a VR depiction of the real world using simple geometric shapes which enables previously impossible robot-object interaction regardless of the limitations of time and space.

Using JAK,  you can pilot any robot from anywhere regardless of the limitations of space and time. JAK is seamless, it provides an easy and intuitive user experience.  Once you’ve provided instruction on what and how you simply hit go, JAK then sends your intent, and, a robot at the other end makes it all become real.

Teleoperation is the process of remotely controlling robotic assets in a 1:1 or Master-Slave relationship and has, unfortunately, long been the industry standard for the remote control of robotic assets. Until now, our SE4’s control software called JAK designed to provide simple but powerful control for remote robotic assets. All the feature aims to build an efficient collaboration between human and robot. Such as, the inbuilt scheduling capabilities meaning that your commands if appropriate can be farmed out to every capable asset in your system. It is ideal for high latency or low bandwidth operating conditions such as space or underwater. You can see JAK in action totally destroying the previous industry standard of teleoperation below.

We believe that good space companies bring the fruits of their discoveries back to support the Earth, so we are deploying JAK in terrestrial environments where our technology makes sense in fields like construction, mining, resource management, hazardous material handling, subsea survey, asset maintenance and more. 

If you have a promising application and would like to try out JAK on your robotic assets, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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