17 Dec 2019

Hokkoku Bank Award at MITANI Business Contest 2019

SE4 participated at Mitani Business Contest 2019 that held by Mitani Sangyo CO.,LTD, is an innovative trading company and manufacturer based in Hokuriku, Kanazawa. Mitani Sangyo realized how the power of technology and business idea could solve issues and contributing to social development in the Hokuriku region. Therefore, they created the Mitani Business Contest to support innovative business ideas or existing businesses to revitalize the Hokuriku region. Mitani Business Contest is a part of MITANI INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY FAIR 2019 at (place) on 13th Dec 2019.

Sam Thomason, Business Development Manager of SE4 joined the MITANI Business Contest to showing how our platform uses VR and semantic annotation so people could remotely control their robots regardless of latency. We presented our project to the guess and judges for them to vote for the business ideas. In conclusion, we received the Hokkoku Bank Award at Mitani Business Contest 2019.

Thank you for the support from Hokkoku Bank, Mitani Sangyo, Final Judges, and the audience who came to see our presentation. We appreciate all the feedback and support.

About Mitani Sangyo CO.,LTD  https://www.mitani.co.jp/
Mitani Sangyo founded in 1928 and has developed by embarking on new businesses one after another like a giant tree growing new branches. Right now, they have expanded the business to have 5,000 customers in six business fields. The business varies to chemicals, resins, electronics, information systems, air conditioning equipment, housing equipment. A complex trading company with several businesses of vessel and energy.


About Hokkoku Bank  https://www.hokkokubank.co.jp/
Hokkoku Bank is a Japanese bank headquartered in Kanazawa, Ishikawa prefecture, Japan. The term “Hokkoku” refers to the larger region in Japan that is more commonly known as Hokuriku, and that encompasses Fukui and Toyama prefectures as well as Ishikawa prefecture. While Hokkoku Bank is focused in Ishikawa prefecture, it has offices in the other two prefectures in the Hokuriku region, as well as offices in Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, and Nagoya, and representative offices in Shanghai.

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