Industrializing space.

SE4 is a new kind of “software for robotics” company, one where the robot itself is not important. Why? Because when we look out at the industry and see only bespoke, single-purpose robotics, we feel it could be so much more.

SE4 specializes in remote robotics using VR, enabling remote operation at vast distances. Remote operation of robots through our platform works regardless of distance (latency), making it ideal for use in high latency, low bandwidth, or intermittent communication environments such as space, underground, or underwater.



Off Earth applications.

SE4 inc. Is a startup robotics company specializing in remote robotics through SEMANTIC CONTROL™ and ORCHESTRATED AUTONOMY™. SE4's vision is to combine AI and VR effectively, to enable contributions from off-world robot-driven industries to a prosperous long term survival strategy for humanity.

Terrestrial applications.

We are taking on the hardest problems traditionally faced by the construction and manufacturing industries by building a safe, capable and easy-to-use platform to control robots -- even if your environment is dynamic or your robot is far away from your operator.



From many countries, with one goal.

We boast amongst our staff, experts in VR, Computer Vision, Machine Learning, AI, Physics, Mechanical, and Electrical Engineering and much, much more. The mean number of languages spoken by a team member is two and we hail from Japan, Australia, China, USA, Switzerland, Canada, Russia, Ireland, and Indonesia.

  • Lochlainn Wilson

    CEO & Co-founder

  • Pavel Savkin

    CTO & Co-founder

  • Taizo Son




Building out a full construction suite.



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SE4 Inc.
6F No8. Kikuboshi Tower.
3 Chome-20-18 Asakusabashi,
Taito City, Tokyo 111-0053

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